KenGen has today signed a MOU partnership deal with power Africa, intended to enhance KenGen’s massive projects aimed at delivering 2500MW of power in the next 10years.

The power Africa is a US government initiative by president barrack Obama aimed at improving the access to power in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is the reason why they choose to partner with KenGen because of their massive investments and efforts in new geothermal plants that will generate power in Kenya.

At the moment, Kenya is rated as the 8th largest geothermal power producer in the world with 614MW.

Kenya’s geothermal capacity is 514MW accounting over 25% of the total installed capacity. Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited (KenGen) is the leading electric-power generation company in Kenya producing about 80 percent of electricity consumed in the country today.

“Indeed, we have registered impressive success in project development, financial structuring, capital rising, and contract management to achieve on-time and on-budget power project execution.” Said the Managing Director, Albert Mugo during the signing of the partnership today at Stima Plaza.

Some of the projects to benefit from this deal include the 140MW Olkaria V, 70MW Olkaria 1 unit 6, Olkaria refurbishment and the 100MW Meru wind farm that are due 2018.

US government is however dedicated to help KenGen meet its power development goals by accessing capital to fund their projects as power tariffs expected to go down over the next 10years.

“Power Africa-Kenya, through its ongoing development programs, aims to support KenGen in meeting its development goals, and will further seek to better align its programs across all U.S. Government agencies with KenGen’s priorities,” Ambassador Godec said.



Kenya will go far if we start implementing our plans now and stop relying too much of aids but rather start investing on what we have and the potential we possess.


I say life is a transformation
From a position to a better

But confusion opens doors to
The fragmentation that keeps us
Stuck in that situation of confusion

It’s true we are full of ambition
Yet the direction we take
Turns our ambitions to frustrations
Why take the slow motion to our own eviction?

Yester years they used to say
Life is a zone of relaxation
It was free from destruction
And full of celebration and protection

The combination of salvation and generalisation
Were their motivation
Due to the transformation we made
Competition, destruction not forgetting division
Have become our mission
Do we really have a vision?

It’s not right to continue with the torsion
Of our own proffessions just because
Of our own exploitations
Surely people, salvation is the promotion
To an inspiring direction

We often mention the intrusion we anticipate
But lets leave life to be the transformation it is
Having a reason for celebration

Teens and mobile sexting in the name of texting


Gone are the days when a mobile phone was a polite way of asking each other how their fairing,where they have reached with their syllabus for the so called “TEENS”

Now all hell have broken loose and mobile phones are a graphic sex description of the naughty things they would do to each other when they meet up. The world we live in is one that silly boys would lay out their dreams and the girls promise to turn each one of them in to reality.

Who should be blamed?

Parents have tried all their best to keep their children in track, gone to the extent to looking for parental protective apps to keep their children from such immorality esp the minors but………these little ones are actually more digitalized than their parents , leaving them in control. But then who should be blamed?

One parent just said…..”In the world we live in now, as a parent you can’t always put your child in a 24hr surveillance meaning, we really have no idea what they do out there and what we are left to do is just place them in the hands of God“. She spoke sense.