Teens and mobile sexting in the name of texting


Gone are the days when a mobile phone was a polite way of asking each other how their fairing,where they have reached with their syllabus for the so called “TEENS”

Now all hell have broken loose and mobile phones are a graphic sex description of the naughty things they would do to each other when they meet up. The world we live in is one that silly boys would lay out their dreams and the girls promise to turn each one of them in to reality.

Who should be blamed?

Parents have tried all their best to keep their children in track, gone to the extent to looking for parental protective apps to keep their children from such immorality esp the minors but………these little ones are actually more digitalized than their parents , leaving them in control. But then who should be blamed?

One parent just said…..”In the world we live in now, as a parent you can’t always put your child in a 24hr surveillance meaning, we really have no idea what they do out there and what we are left to do is just place them in the hands of God“. She spoke sense.

Author: Joan Macharia

Ambitious young lady trying to find her way into the harsh and destructible world.

10 thoughts on “Teens and mobile sexting in the name of texting”

  1. This is a reality out there with the teens… And a lot needs be done… Much damage has taken. place but still there is hope… The society need to rise against these practises, not by taking away the phone but both parents, teachers, teens and friends in the society need a few things that touches on their character/ lifestyle. Awareness of the need for change, Desire to implement the change. Knowledge that supports the change, Ability or skill to work towards the change… lastly reinforcing the change with sustainable measures to develop the teens with a right and positive mental attitude…. quite a process but makes the whole society grow in the right direction… God bless you Joan

  2. well said joan,its unfortunate how many people,specially teens experiment stuff with their lives and end up regretting later.PRAYER PRAYER PRAYER….

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