I say life is a transformation
From a position to a better

But confusion opens doors to
The fragmentation that keeps us
Stuck in that situation of confusion

It’s true we are full of ambition
Yet the direction we take
Turns our ambitions to frustrations
Why take the slow motion to our own eviction?

Yester years they used to say
Life is a zone of relaxation
It was free from destruction
And full of celebration and protection

The combination of salvation and generalisation
Were their motivation
Due to the transformation we made
Competition, destruction not forgetting division
Have become our mission
Do we really have a vision?

It’s not right to continue with the torsion
Of our own proffessions just because
Of our own exploitations
Surely people, salvation is the promotion
To an inspiring direction

We often mention the intrusion we anticipate
But lets leave life to be the transformation it is
Having a reason for celebration

Author: Joan Macharia

Ambitious young lady trying to find her way into the harsh and destructible world.

8 thoughts on “LIFE AS IT IS”

  1. wow! that’s creativity there….. I love this, atleast it breaks the monotony of social media funny crap

  2. How about ‘measured’ ambition……….with a sense of reality? True, too much ambition leads to utter frustration but with time, and with prayer and continued focus on what we want and what we dont want…………ambition can take one places. Ambition for me is amplified hope, without ambition one might as well curl up and die. Frustrations are just but testing ground for one’s ambition……….get up, dust off or nurse the injuries and live to fight another day or take a stab in another direction/opportunity you may have overlooked. Just my thoughts. Jay

  3. Good stuff…. I like the thought behind the writing… keep me copied on future postings. God bless you Joan

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